Address change & U.australis

Russell Elliott (
Sat, 14 Oct 1995 23:12:22 +0930 (CST)

Soon, I will only be able to reach the list once or twice a week. This
doesn't mean I will be able to reply to your messages anymore. I have a
new ISP who which I use regularly (daily). The reason for this is that the
new ISP charges for incoming and outgoing Email. It would be to expensive
to subscribe the list to my new address. My old nexus address will still
receive the list. If you want to respond to any of my questions, or trade
seed etc could you please post them to

Now for some relevance. :)
Has anyone had success with getting
U.australis to flower. Mine lives in a 40 litre drum, and is growing quite
well. It died down to turions last winter, and has now, at least doubled
in size. There is a 5 cm layer of peat on the bottom, and its in a shady
position in my greenhouse. Any ideas?

Russell Elliott