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Hi all,

This message is long!!!
I've just finished a new version of CP-books file which is included
here. There are many question marks which I would like to delete but
I need help of you. The file should serve all of us!
Thanks for any advise how to improve this list (hi, Eric, Lorraine
etc.). Eric Schlosser also suggested and made the first overview file
which shortly described all the books included in the list. This is
intended as a tool for those they don't want to spend too much time
with reading thw whole list. Of course, all opinions presented
in both files are questionable and I think it would be wise to
discuss 'usefulness' of the books by more people. I'm sending
the overview file as a separate message with subject "CP books overview".
With best regards,
Ivo from the Czech Republic

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# 13.10.1995 #
# The following is a list of books on CPs which I have seen or heard about. #
# All books are in English unless indicated othervise. Some of the entries #
# have not their description because I have only found a citation. #
# If you know anything what can improve this list, please e-mail me at #
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Aaseng, Nathan: "Meat-eating plants". Enslow, Springfield, N.J., 1996?
Descr.: projected publication date - 1996, intended primarily for

Aleksandrova, Vera Danilovna: "Rastenya - khishniki" (Plants - Predators).
Leningrad, Detgiz, 1955. ISBN ?, soft cover.
Descr.: in Russian, 52 pp., 38 drawings + 3 small maps, primarily for
children knowing nothing about CPs, text has a format of tales or short
stories, no whole scientific names, no information on cultivation, no
references. Not worth reading.

Baffray, Michel, Brice, Francois, Danton, Philippe: "Les Plantes Carnivores
de France". Editions Sequences, 16140 Aigre, 1985.
ISBN ?, 87 Ffrs, ? cover.
Descr.: in French, 134 pp. Exceptional good line drawings. Deals with
French CPs, no horticultural info though.

Baffray, Michel, Brice, Francois, Danton, Philippe and Tournier, J.-P.:
"Nature et Culture des Plantes Carnivores". Editions Edisud,
La Calade, RN 7, Aix-en-Provence, C.-Y. Chaudereille, 1989.
ISBN ?, ca.150 Ffrs, ? cover.
Descr.: in French, 177 pp., 83 colour photos, 15 coloured drawings and
line drawings, a good general book. Review CPN 15(1), 1986, p.23.

Bentley, Linna: "Plants that Eat Animals". Series: Bodley Head natural
science picture book, Bodley Head, London, 1967, ISBN ?, ? cover
or Series: McGraw-Hill natural science picture book, McGraw-Hill
Book Co., NY, 1968, ISBN 68-26856, ? cover, US$ ?
Descr.: primarily for children, 31+1 pp., skimpy text, B&W/color drawings,
no information on cultivation, a survey of the four types of CPs -
sticky surface, pitcher plants, snare traps and suction traps -
describing how they ensnare and digest prey. See also CPN 19(1&2),
1990, p.32-40.

Bordoloi, Renu Prova Momin: "The pitcher plant: Nepenthes khasiana".
Series: Carnivorous plants of North East India I, Dutta Baruah,
Gauhati, 1977. ISBN ?, ? cover, Rs 20.00 (US$ 4.10)
Descr.: 59 pp. + 5 p. of plates, maps, bibliography, ?

Braem, Guido: "Fleischfressende Pflanzen". Naturbuch Verlag, 1992. ISBN ?,
? cover.
Descr.: in German, ? pp., a good general book, nice pictures, some severe

Breimhorst, Dietmar: "Tierfangende Pflanzen". Der Palmengarten, Sonderheft,
Stadt Frankfurt a.M., 1988. ISBN ?, DM 5.00, ? cover.
Descr.: in German, ? pp. This is a short introduction to CPs made for
the visitors of the botanic garden. Many grave mistakes that should
make every botanic garden so ashamed that it sinks into the ground
lesser its value, but it has got a good concept, is easy reading,
has some nice pictures (forget the descriptions) and it's cheap.

Chan, Tai Fung: "Insectivorous plants". Tak Li Books, Hong Kong, 1982.
ISBN ?, ? cover.
Descr.: in Chinese (plants have Latin names), 107 pp., 20 color photos,
101 B&W photos and 2 drawings, no map. The book is a translation of the
Japanese book "Insectivorous Plants". ICPS, (1981 ?)

Carow, Thomas and Fuerst, Ruedi: "Fleischfressende Pflanzen - Artenubersicht
- Kultur - Vermehrung", ?, 1990. ISBN 3-9801 839-0-4, DM 14.80, ? cover.
Descr.: in German, ? pp., 35 ill., numerous line drawings. A nice small
book with useful information for the novice. Even though too short, it
worth spending money. Nearly no mistakes (except for: Genlisea pygmaea
has no bulbs or resting period as I know, p.25). Review CPN 7?(?), p.34.

Casper, S. Jost: "Monographie Der Gattung Pinguicula L.". Bibliotheca
Botanica Heft 127/128, Vol.31, 1966. ISSN ?.
Descr.: in German, ? pp., ? drawings. It deals with all Pings known at
that time. Especially the Mexican Pings need a review, nevertheless this
is still the most important monograph of this genus to date.

Cheers, Gordon: "Carnivorous Plants". Globe Press, Melbourne, Australia, 1983.
ISBN 0-9591937-0-7, US$ 7.95, soft cover.
Descr.: 95 pp., 43 colour photos, drawings, 10 maps. A book mostly
dedicated to cultural information of the commonly grown species. Review
CPN 13(1), 1984, p.27 by D.E.Schnell.

Cheers, Gordon: "A Guide to the Carnivorous Plants of the World".
Collins/Angus & Robertson, Pymble, NSW, Australia, 1992. ISBN
207-16186-0 or "Letts Guide to Carnivorous Plants of the World",
Letts of London, 1992, ISBN 1-85238-124-8. hard cover, US$ 43.00
Descr.: 174 + X pp. , 236 colour + 7 B&W photos, 24 maps, 37 drawings,
29 p. about history, evolutionary, classification and trapping mechanisms
of CPs, 19 p. of cultivation & propagation. The main part of the book
(83 p.) describes 106 species including Brocchinia, Catopsis and
Triphyophyllum, 14 p. about the author's field trips. Review CPN 22(1&2),
1993, p.41-2 by D.E.Schnell: " This is an excellent book. ... I would
recommend that if you could only afford one book, this should be your
first choice." Despite some errors (e.g. p.78 not D.pygmaea, p.85 U.
quelchii for G.repens, p.87 H.nutans for H.heterodoxa, p.98/99 N.x
mixta for N.maxima, p.101 N.x kinabaluensis for N.rajah, p.105 N.x
kinabaluensis for N.villosa, p.114 P.grandiflora for P.vulgaris), it is
a beautiful book.

Cooper, Jason: "Insect-eating plants". Earth's garden, Rourke Enterprises,
Vero Beach, Florida, 1991, ISBN 0-86592-624-7 (also in Spanish: "Plantas
insectivoras", Jardines, de la tierra, Argentina?, ISBN 0-86592-548-8),
? cover, US$ ?
Descr.: 24 pp., ?. Intended primarily for children. An introduction to the
world of CPs.

Danser, B.H.: "The Nepentheaceae of the Netherlands Indies". Bulletin du
Jardin Botanique de Buitenzorg, Ser.III, Vol IX, 1927-28, p.249-438.
Descr.: description of plants in Latin, notes in English, 190 pp.,
27 full-page drawings, 9 maps, 1 table, extended references, index..
This is from a magazine, however it is so important that it should be
included in this list. This is the most important monograph of the
genus Nepenthes describing the most (51) of existing species (many
were published for the first time) and some interesting theories
(distribution, evolution, comparison etc).

Darwin, Charles: "Insectivorous Plants". 1875. (2nd ed. London, J.Murray,
1888; 2nd rev.ed. 1893; NY, D. Appleton, 1896; NY, AMS Press, 1971,
reprint of 1893 ed., 377 pp., ISBN 0-404-01928-5; NY, AMS Press, 1972,
reprint of 1896 ed., 462 pp., ISBN 0-404-08512-5; NY, University Press,
1989, reprint of 1888 ed., 345 pp., ISBN 0-81471-822-1, US$ 95.00)
other editions and reprints, ? cover.
Descr.: ? pp., ? drawings.
This enjoyable book gave the carnivorous nature of plants scientific
reputation. This was not a less revolutionary book than the one he
became famous for, but, as Darwin said, the little plant with sticky
leaves (D.rotundifolia) was much dearer than the whole development
of species for him. So he dedicated a major part of this book to this
sundew and described many still interesting experiments with which he
proved carnivorous nature of plants. However, most of the other CP
genera are discussed, too. Fun reading, a historical value. Highly
recommended especially to teachers and other people who want to give
practical introductions in the field of CP and science. Juniper et al.
in their books write that Darwin and Lloyd should be in a library of
every CP botanically founded enthusiast.

Dean, Anabel: "Plants that Eat Insects: A Look At Carnivorous Plants".
Lerner Publications, Minneapolis, 1977. ISBN 0-82250-299-2, ? cover.
Descr.: primarily for children, 32 pp., brief text, simple B&W drawings,
no information on cultivation, no scientific names, see also CPN 19(1&),
1990, p.32-40.

Degreef, Jean Daniel: "Carnivorous Plants". Drosera V.Z.W., Gent, Belgium,
1994. ISBN ?, ? cover, US$ ?
Descr.: in Flemish, German, English or French, 28 pp., 36 color photos,
13 line drawings, a few errors, quite a good booklet with a few errors.
Review CPN 23(4), 1994, p.88.

Diels, L.: "Droseraceae". In Engler, Adolf (ed.): Das Pflanzenreich, IV.112,
Heft 26, Wilhelm Engelmann, Leipzig und Berlin, 1906. ISBN ?, hard cover.
Descr.: in Latin with a German introduction, 286 pp., 40 drawings + 1
map which both are excellent, an often cited book. Still the most
important monograph of the genus Drosera, however, a review of the genus
is needed.

Doyle, Mycol: "Killer plants: Venus flytrap, strangler fig, and other
predatory plants". Lowell House, Los Angeles, Contemporary Books,
Chicago, 1993. ISBN 1-565-65056-5, ? cover, US$ 5.95 (CA$ 7.95)
Descr.: ?pp., intended primarily for children, describes thirteen
plants, such as the sundew, bladderwort, and mistletoe, that depend
on the animal world or other plants for their nutrition.

Erickson, Rica: "Plants of Prey in Australia". University of Western
Australia Press, 1968 (following ed. 1978 ?; 1986). ISBN ?, ? cover.
Descr.: 94 pp., no photographs but 18 plates (B&W and colour) of densely
illustrated botanical drawings. Excellent companion to Lowrie's later
works. No cultural information. A book covering all the Australian CP
known at the time.

Fessler, Alfred: "Fleischfressende Pflanzen fuer Haus und Garten". Kosmos,
Stuttgart, 1982. ISBN 3-440-050-70-X, DM 19.50, ? cover.
Descr.: in German, 112 p. 39 color photographs (some very nice), numerous
line drawings. It is old but a very useful book for a beginner who wants
to know more on CPs and wants to grow them. However, the author uses
invalid names (S.drummondi,...). Review CPN 7?(?), p.34.

Goldstein, Phillip: " Animals & Plants that Trap". Holiday House, NY, 1974.
ISBN 0-82340-241-X, ? cover.
Descr.: primarily for children, 118+19 pp., B&W photos,a detailed work
with good B&W drawings, no overview on trap mechanisms, see also CPN
19(1&2), 1990, p.32-40.

Harms, H.: "Sarraceniales":
Uphof, J.C.Th.: "Sarraceniaceae", Harms, H.: "Nepenthaceae", Diels, L.:
"Droseraceae". In Engler, Adolf; Harms, H.: Die natrlichen
Pflanzenfamilien, Band 17b, Leipzig, Verlag Willhelm Engelmann, 1936,
p.701-784. ISBN ?, ? hard cover.
Descr.: in German. 83 pp. Rather a short summary of the works of
Macfarlane, Diels and other previous publications than a work of its own.
Survey of CPs known at that time.

Heilborn, Dr. Adolf: "Fleischfressende Pflanzen". Brehm Verlag Berlin, Brehm
Bcher Band 3, 1930. ISBN ?, ? cover.
Descr.: in German, 32 pp. It is an essay on the nature of CP, culture

Jebb, Matthew: "An Account of Nepenthes in New Guinea". Science in New
Guinea, vol. 17, No.1, The University of Papua New Guinea, 1991.
ISBN ?, ? cover.
Descr.: 48 pp., 30 full page drawings, some maps. Botanical text in nature
with a key and descriptions of 11 species, morphology & ecology of
Nepenthes also included. Review CPN 15(2), 1986, p.22.

Jolivet, Pierre: "Les Plantes Carnivores". Le Rocher, Monaco, 1987. ISBN ?,
? cover, ?
Descr.: in French, 126 p. ?

Joseph, J., Joseph, K.M.: :Insectivorous Plants of Khasi and Jainta Hills".
Meghalaya, India, 1986. ISBN ?, ? cover, Rs 44.00 (US$ 9.00)
Descr.: 40 pp. + 2 pages of plates, ?. Gives a short survey on CP
species in this part of India including N.khasiana. Some field photographs
and line drawings. Index and bibliography included Review CPN 15(2),
1986, p.22.

Juniper, Barrie Edward, Robins, Richard J. and Joel, Daniel M.: "The
Carnivorous Plants". Academic Press, London, 1989. ISBN 0-12-392170-8,
US$ 161.00, ? cover.
Descr.: 353 +XII pp., B&W drawings, ? photos. Very good research work on
cytology and chemistry of CPs, but riddled with errors on other matters.
This is not a book for a casual CPer, rather it is intended for the
biochemist. (Barry M.-R.)

Kite, L. Patricia: "Insect-eating plants". Millbrook Press, Brookfield,
Conn., 1995. ISBN 1-562-94562-9, ? cover, ?
Descr.: 61 pp., intended for children, an intelligently written booklet,
good color photos covering all CP genera, chapters on conservation,
growing CPs, where to find more information. A good introductory book.
Review CPN 24(3), 1995, p.94.

Komiya, S.: "The Insectivorous Plants, Observation and Cultivation." ? ICPS,
Japan, 1994. ISBN ?, soft cover, ?
Descr.: in Japanese, 106 pp., 2 color + 85 B&W photos, 43 drawings, 9
tables, 7 maps. Drawings are excellent. About one third of photos are SEM
microphotographs of various parts of CPs and are really wonderful.

Kondo, Katsushiko and Kondo, M.: "Carnivorous Plants of the World in Colour".
Ienohikari Association, Tokyo, 1983. ISBN ?, ? hard cover, ?
Descr.: in Japanese, 232 pp., 220 color photos. Excellent resource for
the photos, nearly all of which are correctly identified.
(some mistakes are p.55 D.dichrosepala for D.paleacea
p.58 D.dilato-petiolaris for D.petiolaris ?
p.64 is rather D.rechingeri(->citrina) for D.pycnoblasta
p.78 D.subhirtella ssp.moorei for D.sulphurea
p.79 D.villosa ?
p.107 N.macfarlanei ?
p.110 N.fusca for N.maxima
p.113 N.ovata for N.pectinata
p.139 P.hemiepiphytica for P.colimensis ?
p.160 U.novae-zealandiae for N.dichotoma ?
p.170 U.reniformis for U.nephrophylla ?)

Kurata, S.: "Nepenthes of Mt. Kinabalu". Sabah National Park Trustees, Sabah
National Park Publication No.2, Kota Kinabalu, 1976. ISBN ?, ? cover, ?
Descr.: 80 pp., 27 color and B&W plates. An excellent reference work on
Nepenthes on this mountain and Nepenthes in general, although it is
too short.

Labat, Jean-Jacques and Starosta, Paul: "L'Univers des plantes carnivores".
DuMay, Paris, 1993. ISBN ?, hard cover, 450 Ffrs
Descr.: in French, 140 pp., 113 p. of photos (effective close-ups),
each remaining page is devoted to one CP genus (description, species,
habitat life cycle, detailed growing tips), a list of CP species,
glossary, addresses of CP societies and sources, limited bibliography,
a couple of errors: p.67 - not N.maxima, p.77 - not N.truncata.
Review by D.E.Schnell CPN 24(2), 1995, p.53-4.

Lecoufle, Marcel: "Carnivorous Plants - Care and Cultivation". Blandford,
London, 1990 (also in French: "Comment Choisier et Cultiver vos Plantes
Carnivores", Editions Bordas, Paris, 1989). ISBN 0-7137-2185-5 or
0-304-34330-7, US$ 29.00, soft cover.
Descr.: 144 pp., 152 color photos, 22 B&W + 4 color drawings, 4 maps,
a few tables. Usual intro (history, kinds of traps...), general principles
of cultivation (11 p.), 88 p. about cultivation of 35 species. Filled with
a vast number of errors - not worth it if you're looking for correct
information, but photographies are very good. Review CPN 14(2), p.45.

Lerner, Carol: "Pitcher Plants: the elegant insect traps". William Morrow
& Co., NY, 1983. ISBN 0-688-01717-7, hard cover or 0-688-01718-5,
paperback, US$ ?
Descr.: primarily for children, 63+1 p., B&W/color drawings, 1 map, no
information on cultivation, review CPN 12/2 (1983) p.53 by D.E.Schnell:
"This superb little book...should be in every CP enthusiast's library. ".
Review CPN 19(1&2), 1990, p.32-40.

Lloyd, Francis E.: "Carnivorous Plants". Series: New series of plant
science books, V.9, Chronica Botanica Company, Waltham, Massachusets,
1942. (following ed. Dover Publications, NY, 1976) ISBN 0-486-23321-9,
US$ 7.95, hard cover.
Descr.: XVI + 352 pp. (11 figures in text, 38 B&W plates), much
information on anatomy, histology and early experiments with digestion.
A very good book with extended references. Together with Darwin should be
in a library of every CP botanically founded enthusiast. (Juniper et al.)

Louveaux, Jean: "Plantes carnivores et vegetaux hostiles". Series:
L'Aventure de la vie X, Hachette, Paris, 1965. ISBN ?, ? cover, ?
Descr.: in French, 108 pp., ?, describes many CPs as well as
poisonous plants.

Lowrie, Allen: "Carnivorous Plants of Australia" Vol.1. University of Western
Australia Press, 1987. ISBN 0-85564-253-X, AU$ 27.50 hard cover
or AU$ 21.00 paperback.
Descr.: XXVI+202 pp., 133 colour photos, 51 drawings, 47 range maps.
Preface, the grouping and dichotomous keys to most of tuberous sundews,
detail botanical description of 46 species of erect, climbing, rosetted
and fan-leaved tuberous sundews, glossary, bibliography, index.
An excellent book.

Lowrie, Allen: "Carnivorous Plants of Australia" Vol.2. University of Western
Australia Press, 1989. ISBN 0-85564-299-8, AU$ 27.50 hard cover
or AU$ 21.00 paperback.
Descr.: XXXVIII+202 pp., 172 colour photos, 45 drawings, 46 range maps.
Preface, the dichotoumous key to pygmy sundews and their gemmae,
description of life cycle of pygmies, their habitats and natural
hybrids, botanical description of 40 pygmies + 2 non-pygmy, non-tuberous
droseras + 3 tuberous droseras. The same format as Vol.1. In the light
of new discovers there are some old names, field names...
(e.g. shown D.rechingeri is D.citrina, D.coolamon is D.rechingeri.).
Review CPN 19(1&2), 1990, p. 49-50 by D.E.Schnell.
Highly recomended.

Lowrie, Allen: "Carnivorous Plants of Australia" Vol.3. University of Western
Australia Press, 1995 ?
Descr.: (waiting for being published)

Macfarlane, J. M.: "Cephalotaceae". In Engler, Adolf (ed.): Das Pflanzenreich,
IV.116, Heft 47, Wilhelm Engelmann, Leipzig und Berlin, 1911.
ISBN ?, hard cover
Descr.: 15 pp., 4 drawings, in Latin with English introduction.

Macfarlane, J. M.: "Nepenthaceae". In Engler, Adolf (ed.): Das Pflanzenreich,
IV.111, Heft 36, Wilhelm Engelmann, Leipzig und Berlin, 1908.
ISBN ?, hard cover
Descr.: 95 pp., in Latin with English introduction (26 p.), 19 drawings,
description and a Latin key to 58 species, about 75 hybrids.

Macfarlane, J. M.: "Sarraceniaceae". In Engler, Adolf (ed.): Das
Pflanzenreich, IV.110, Heft 34, Wilhelm Engelmann, Leipzig und Berlin,
1908. ISBN ?, hard cover
Descr.: 43 pp., in Latin with English introduction (24 p.), 10 drawings,
1 B&W photo, description of Darlingtonia, Heliamphora nutans, 7 species of
Sarracenia (but S.leucophylla is referred as S.Drummondii, S.alata as
S.Sledgei) and about 30 Sarracenia hybrids.

Nielsen, Nancy J.: "Carnivorous Plants". First book, Franklin Watts, 1992.
ISBN 0-531-20056-6, hard cover or ISBN 0-531-15644-3, paperback, $18.43
or $5.95.
Descr.: 63 pp., ?. Intended primarily for children. Describes various
plants that prey on animals, including Venus Fly Trap, bladderwort,
and pitcher plant. Index, bibliography.

Nelson, E.Charles: "Venus's Flytrap-Aphrodite's Mousetrap". Boethius
Press, Aberystwyth, Wales, 1990. ISBN ?, ? cover, ?
Descr.: ?, a very interesting and hilarious book, no CP information in it,
other than historical aspects of VFTs. Review CPN 24(2), 1991 p.124 by

Nothhelfer, Ingo: "Fleischfressende Pflanzen - Insektivoren". Spreyer,
Eigenverlag des Autors. ISBN ?, ? cover, DM 6.00
Descr.: in German, 65 pp., 28 B&W pictures (2nd class). a cheap old
brochure, rather intended for the customers of the author's nursery
than for serious readers.

Oikawa, Tetsuya: "Nepenthes - the Grief Vanishing". Jungle Books,
Japan, 1992. ISBN 4-89194-309-2, hard cover, ?
Descr.: in Japanese, 66 pp, a few color drawings, 72 color photos of
Nepenthes in their natural habitats (species: N.ampullaria,
N.bicalcarata, N.edwardsiana, N.eymai, N.fusca, N.gracilis, N.lowii,
N.maxima, N.merrilliana, N.mirabilis, N.northiana, N.rafflesiana,
N.rajah, N.reinwardtiana, N.stenophylla, N.tentaculata, N.villosa,
N.x kinabaluensis), 1 to 9 photos of each mentioned species, information
on morphology and functions of Nepenthes. The photos are so beautiful
that at least Nepenthes enthusiasts should have this book.

Ornduff, Robert: "Islands on Islands: Plant life on the Granite Outcrops
of Western Australia". Lecture Number Fifteen, the University of
Hawaii Press, Harold L. Lyon Arboretum, Honolulu, 1987.
ISBN ?, ? cover, ?
Descr.: 32 pp., B&W photos, description of habitats of D.gigantea,
D.glanduligera, D.macrantha, D.menziesii, D.stolonifera ssp.stolonifera
& ssp.rupicola, D.subhirtella, Polypompholyx multifida, P.tenella, and
U.violacea, a good book.

Overbeck, Cynthia: "Carnivorous Plants". A Lerner natural science book,
Lerner Publications Co., Minneapolis, 1982 (adapted from Kiyoshi
Shimizu: Shokuchu Shokubutsu (1975)). ISBN 0-8225-9535-4, paperback,
US$ 5.95 or ISBN 0-8225-1470-2, ? hard cover, US$ 7.95
Descr.: primarily for children, 48 pp., very good color photos, no info
on cultivation, no scientific names, no chapter headings. Describes
Venus flytrap, sundew, pitcher plant, and bladderwort, and explains
how active and passive traps work. See also CPN 19(1&2), 1990, p.32-40.

Pietropaolo, James and Pietropaolo, Patricia Ann.: "The World of
Plants". R.J.Stoneridge, Shortsville, N.Y., 1974. ISBN ?, ?
cover, ?
Descr.: 128 pp., 58 B&W photos, a short informative booklet dealing
mainly with North American CPs including some weird anecdots and some
more worthwhile experiments comparing growing environments (light,
soil,... ).

Pietropaolo, James and Pietropaolo, Patricia Ann.: "Carnivorous Plants of the
World". Timber Press, Portland, Oregon, 1986. ISBN 0-88192-066-5,
hard cover, US$ 30.30
Descr.: 206 pp., 55 color photos, 63 line drawings, it is an enlarged
edition of their previous work, 10 p. intro, 114 p. describing various
CP genera and species, 28 p. on cultivation, 22 p. about pests & diseases,
propagation, hybridization and about 10 p. of various appendices (CP
sources, societies...), a very good book.

Poole, Lynn and Poole, Gray Johnson: "Insect-Eating Plants". Thomas Y.
Crowell Co., NY, 1963. ISBN ?, ? cover, US$ 4.50
Descr.: primarily for children, 87+1 pp., B&W drawings, includes
instructions for maintaining a terrarium, a sample from a plant watching
journal, and a list of sources. See also CPN 19(1&2) 1990, p.32-40.

Prince, Jack Harvey: "Plants that Eat Animals". Thomas Nelson, Publishers,
Nashville, 1979. ISBN 0-840-76599-1, ? cover, US$ 6.95
Descr.: primarily for children, 92 pp., B&W drawings and photos
(unimpressive). Discusses life processess of several types of CPs,
includes instructions for cultivating. See also CPN 19(1&2), 1990,

Prior, Sophia: "Carnivorous plants and "the man-eating tree"". Field
Museum of natural history, Chicago, 1939. ISBN ?, ? cover
Descr.: 20 pp. + 8 plates, ?

Rahn, Joan Elma: "Traps & Lures in the Living World". Athenum, NY, 1980.
ISBN 0-689-30766-7, ? cover, US$ 8.95
Descr.: primarily for children, 94 pp., B&W drawings and photos, a very
good book for children, no information on cultivation, scientific names
used very occasionally.

Rey, Hans Augusto: "Elizabite: adventures of a carnivorous plant".
& brothers, NY, London, 1942 (2nd ed. Linnet books, Hamden, Conn.,
1990). ISBN 0-2-8-02288-0, ? cover, US $ 17.00
Descr.: 32 pp., some drawings, a CP story in rhyme: an unusual Venus
Flytrap bites everything in sight and finally wins fame by capturing
a burglar.

Rondeau, J. Hawkeye: "Carnivorous Plants of California". Edited by the
author: J.Hawkeye Rondeau PhD, 37 Sunnyslope Avenue, San Jose, CA
95127 USA,1991. ? cover, US$ 14.50
Descr.: 51 pp., 6 color photos, 3 drawings, 3 maps, a description and
distribution of CPs in California (D.anglica, D.rotundifolia, D.x obovata,
P.vulgaris, P.macroceras, U.gibba, U.intermedia, U.minor, U.macrorhiza,
U.ochroleuca and Darlingtonia californica).

Rondeau, J. Hawkeye: "Carnivorous Plants of the West, Volume II: California,
Oregon and Washington". Edited by the author: J.Hawkeye Rondeau PhD,
37 Sunnyslope Avenue, San Jose, CA 95127 USA, 1994?, ? cover, ?
Descr.: 82 pp., some B&W and color pictures. Chapters: Introduction,
Droseraceae, Lentibulariaceae, Sarraceniae, Exotics. It is a scientifically
oriented botanical book, not a book with advices for CP growers.

Schnell, Donald E.: "Carnivorous Plants of the United States and Canada".
John F. Blair, Publisher, Winston-Salem, NC, 1976. ISBN 0-910244-90-1,
hard cover, US$ 9.50
Descr.: 125 pp., 116 color photos, 7 drawings, 25 maps, 67 p. of detailed
descriptions of species in these countries, chapters on cultivation,
propagation... A wonderful book!

Schulz, Bruno: Fleischfressende Pflanzen; A.Ziehmsen Verlag, Wittenberg
Lutherstadt, Die neue Brehnm Buecherei, 1965. ISBN ?, ? cover
Decr.: 112 pp., 53 B&W? photos. Describes the CP-phenomenon, no
horticulture, no full description of the species.

Schwartz, Randall: "Carnivorous Plants". Praeger Publishers, NY, 1974.
ISBN 0-275-51580-X, soft cover, US$ 1.25
Descr.: 128 pp., B&W photos, filled with lots of mistakes
(e.g.D.schizandra and tropical butterworts should be exposed
to full sun or high-mineral tap water will not affect CPs)

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Maruzen Asia Pte. Ltd., Singapore, 19??. ISBN 9-971-954-16-8, ? cover,
US$ 10.50
Descr.: 58 pp., 21 color plates, 6 B&W plates, chapters on general biology
of Nepenthes, a key, description of 12 species, their distribution and
hybrids, cultivation notes. Review CPN 13(2), 1984, p.55.

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(following ed.
MIT Press, Cambridge, Massachusets, 1980, ISBN 0-262-69089-6;
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Dutch: "Vleesetende Planten", Spectrum BV, 1989), soft cover, US$
Descr.: 240 pp., 16 color + 105 B&W photos, about 50 drawings, 172 p.
of description of various CPs, 45 p. about cultivation. One of basic
books on CPs, D.E.Schnell said in 1985 "It is the best general survey
book for a popular audience published to date. It contains a
detailed secrion on cultivation, a list of sources, and a helpful

Slack, Adrian: "Insect-Eating Plants and How to Grow Them". Alpha Books,
London, 1986 (University of Washington Press, 1988; also in French:
"Les Plantes Carnivores les Cultiver"?, Editions Diagone-Levy, Paris).
ISBN 0-295-96637-8, ? cover, US$ 9.95
Descr.: 172 pp., Nomen est omen: The follow up of his first book takes
reliably care of the cultural needs of the cultivated species and those
which should be, alltogether treating about 200 species with short
description and advice of an expert. His first book was great but with
this one he wrote another most useful book which leaves almost no need
for any other popular book. Review CPN 10(2), 1981, p.34.

Stehli, Dr.Georg: "Pflanzen auf Insektenfang". Kosmos, Stuttgart, 1934.
ISBN ?, ? cover
Descr.: 79 pp., in German, a unique old booklet because of being printed
with Fraktur letters. Plants that catch animals including a few Aroids,
Aristolochia, insectivorous fungi etc. are discussed. Striking
with its writing but convincing with some almost modern photos
(including Heliamphora in culture). No cultural advice.

Studnicka, Miloslav: "Masozrave rostliny" (Carnivorous Plants). Zivou
prirodou,Academia, nakl. CSAV, Praha, 1984. ISBN 21-112-84, hard
cover, 35 Kc (< US $2.00).
Descr.: in Czech, 152+12 pp., 81 color photos, 4 maps, 10 whole-page
drawings, 59 pages of description of various genera and species, 23
pages describing kinds of traps, their mechanisms and digestion of prey,
chapters on cultivation, propagation, crossing, CP on agar soil. A very
good book which is very cheap, the only one in Czech language. The
photo of P.hirtiflora doesn't show this species.

Swenson, Allen: "Cultivating Carnivorous Plants". Doubleday & Co., Garden
City, New York, 1977. ISBN 0-385-11148-7, ? cover, US$ 7.95.
Descr.: 152 + XIII pp., 66 photos, 13 line-drawings, 12 p. on cultivation,
99 p. about various plants and genera including fungi, experiments
with CPs, CPs on display. Includes index, bibliography.

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Additional Series XIV, Royal Botanic Gardens, 1989. ISBN 0-947643-72-9,
soft cover, US$ 68.00
Descr.: 724 pp. (incl. 220 p. of line drawings and 8 halftone plates),
an excellent monography of bladderworts covering 214 recognized species,
morphology and anatomy of the genus, splendid keys, complete bibliography
and index... According to the review CPN 19(1&2), 1990, p.51-2 by D.E.
Schnell "I can recommend this book without reservation, and it should be
in the personal library of all serious CP students...".

Temple, Paul: "Carnivorous Plants". A Wisley Handbook, Royal Horticultural
Society, London, 1988 (printing 1989, ISBN 0-304-31145-6), (2nd editon
1993, ISBN 0-304-32064-1), soft cover, US$ 5.95.
Descr.: 64 pp., 40 color photos, 7 tables, 18 pages of instruction on
growing and propagation techniques, 28 pages of description of various
genera and species, one serious mistake - showed U.intermedia is U.
ochroleuca, it's a very good especially for beginners or intermediate
growers. Review CPN 22(1&2), 1993, p.42 by D.E.Schnell.

Waters, John Frederick: "Carnivorous Plants". Series: A First book, Franklin
Watts, NY, 1974. ISBN 0-53102-700-7, ? cover, US$ ?.
Descr.: primarily for children, 60+1 pp., nicely ilustrated by B&W
drawings, diagrams and photos, includes bibliography, notice in CPN 4(?),
1975, p.52 by D.E. Schnell and J.A.Mazrimas.

Wexler, Jerome: "Secrets of the Venus's Fly Trap". Dodd, Mead & Co., NY,
1981. ISBN 0-396-07941-5, ? cover, ?
Descr.: primarily for children, 64 pp., B&W photos, no scientific names,
no page numbering, a very excellent book on Dionaea for children
(details its growth, its reaction to various foods and how to care
for them at home, review CPN 10/? (1981) p.82-3 by S.E.Williams, see
also CPN 19(1&2), 1990, p.32-40.

Wexler, Jerome: "Sundew stranglers: plants that eat insects". Dutton
Children's Books, NY, 1995. ISBN 0-525-45208-7, ? cover, ?
Descr.: ?, intended primarily for children

Yamakawa, Gakusaburo."The Insectivorous Plants". Color Books, Japan, 1978.
ISBN 4-586-50446-3, soft cover, ?
Descr.: in Japanese, 152 pp., 63 color + 85 B&W photos, 20 drawings, 15
maps. ?

no author (?): "Insectivorous Plants". ICPS, ?
Descr.: in Japanese, ?

no author: "Carnivorous Plants". Centre for life studies, Zoological
Gardens, London, 1985. ISBN ?, ? cover, ?
Descr.: 57 pp., intent as a school educational tool, excellent line
drawings, information on trap functions, methods of propagation,
a discussion of horticulture and cultivation, a list of sources (of
plant material and of educational materials including slides, books
and VCR tapes. (One of) the best short introductions to CP, with all
information needed for the beginning. Review CPN 17(2), 1988, p.40 by

Some other interesting books:
George, Uwe: "Inseln in der Zeit". GEO im Verlag Gruner und Jahr,
Hamburg, 1988. ISBN 3-570-06212-0, DM 80.00., ? hard cover.
Descr.: in German, ? pp., ? photos. A book not written on CPs but
about the lost world in Venezuela. Breathtaking pictures of tepuis.
Here is a special chapter (p. 201-221) on the secret of sun pitchers,
but Heliamphoras, Droseras and Utricularias appear throughout the book.
Wonderful photos including some species of Heliamphora which have not
been published yet.

Graf, Alfred Byrd: "Exotica, series 4 international : pictorial
cyclopedia of exotic plants from tropical and near-tropic regions".
12th ed., East Rutherford, N.J. : Roehrs Co. Publishers, 1985.
ISBN, ? cover
Description: 2 volumes (2576 p.)
This book does not focus primarily on CPs but rather on several
exotic plant species, although it does have excellent photos of many
species of Nepenthes, Sarracenias, Droseras, Pinguiculas, as well as
Dionaea, Cephalotus, Roridula gorgonias, Drosophyllum, Byblis,
and a black and white photo of the traps of Genlisea repens.


"Death Trap". VHS video by Time-Life, 1989. Time-Life Video, 777 Duke
Street, Alexandria, VA 22314

- end of file -