Fri, 13 Oct 1995 16:04:43 +0800

Hi cp lovers, this is a call for some help and advice. I have two VFTs
that have started turning yellowish and growing deformed traps. The traps
sort of turn outwards at the edges, so they look kinda pursed if they
come together. Other than that, the traps close very, very, very slowly
:( ! Some have given up closing altogether!! I'm at a loss as to what to
do to save them. Could they have been 'poisoned' by insects they eat?

I am in Singapore, and the weather here is hot and humid (those kinda
weather that Nepenthes plants love). I grow my VFT in pure peat and
rainwater in a small container without drainage holes. If you think there
is more information that is needed to help me out on this, please e-mail
me at:

My apologies to Mr Rick Walker as I am not currently on the mailing list
but am making use of it. I am desperately trying to save my VFTs :( ! And
if there is any one out there who might know how I can contact Mr David
Wong through e-mail, I would appreciate a mail. Thanx a heap!!

Best regards,