Private Life of Plants

David K. Purks (
Wed, 11 Oct 1995 12:42:41 +465877912 (GMT+4658778:12)

After watching most of all 6 episodes last night, I have to agree with
the comments made earlier - the moving time-lapse shot where amazing
and spectacular. I wonder if the series couldn't have been arranged a
little better. Since I was scanning through the whole thing rather
quickly, I noticed some rather annoying returns to the same sequences/

One thing that really frustrated me though was his use of common names
for plants - or in several places, no names at all! I understand that
a large segment of the viewing audience would have been put off by
extensive use of latin names, but I wonder if they couldn't have put
subtitles in or something (:-).

Anyone know how much was cut out of the production videos (which they
kept advertising at a ridiculous price) in order to fix each segment
into one hour + commercials?


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