Re: What's wrong with my VFT/ Replanting Drosera C.
Sat, 7 Oct 1995 22:00:15 -0300

>Concerning the D. capensis, break the root off if it is an inch or so long,
>and you will have another plant in a few weeks. (just stick it in the peat
>between the peat and the edje of the pot) The "carrots" will continue to
>grow and reach the peat, but you can also just repot it if you thing it looks
>unsightly. Quite easy, don't you think?
>Take care keep on growing,
>-Tom- & Krissy

Repot any mature (or not so) D. capensis into a six-eight inch pot, fan the
roots out and press down a one inch layer of sphagnum moss. Lean on it a
bit. In three months (because of the root breakage) you will have more D.
capensis ready to transplant than you ever want.

Good growing,

Rand Nicholson
Saint John
New Brunswick