What's wrong with my VFT/ Replanting Drosera C.

Dhalsim/Raiden (bonito@thecity.sfsu.edu)
Wed, 4 Oct 1995 00:07:40 -0700 (PDT)

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this with their VFT's:
so far, 3 have closed andare going through the process of digesting
a bug(ie: tight closure, digestive fluid in the trap). The only
problem is that there IS NO BUG IN THR TRAPS! They are EMPTY, yet my
VFT thinks something is in them. No, I have not triggered them in any way.
This partcular VFT is on a windowsill and has been fed 1 fly in the past
4 months. Could the VFT be trying to tell me that its hungry?

I have a question on replanting my D. Capensis. The roots ar coming through
the bottom holes of the container so I guess I have to repot it (should I?).
My plant is "tall". It looks like a mini palm tree. From the point of the
soil to the first leaf, the stalk grew 1 inch. At this point, there is
2 of the carrot looking root systems trying to read the soil.
My question (if you sggest I replant) is this: Do I "submerge" the
1 inch stalk into the soil so that the carrot-like root systems hits
dirt or should I keep the plant the way it is with the 1 inch stalk
above the soil (and also the carrot-like thing to)?

Thanks in advance for any info. Oh yes, my D. capensis is growing
very well and so is my VFT.