Re: Sarracenia
Sat, 7 Oct 1995 16:58:20 -0400

To anyone in Florida. Could someone reccommed a good ratio of sphagnum peat
to sand (play sand) for Sarracenia or a good alternate mix. I have had poor
luck with the genus over the years. I think that due to my location (Daytona
Beach) outside the natural range of of the genus (except S. minor) that the
plants may not get the dormancy they require and therefore do not thrive for
more than a few years. So far the plants that have done the best are hybrids
of S. rubra x leucophylla which have produced lots of seedlings. S. flava
grown from seed die out after about 3-4 years, psittacina do fair, purps seem
to die out or rot after a year or two. Some plants are grown with drainage
and others in shallow non-draining containers.

I am on a barrier island a few hundred feet from the ocean and likely we get
quite a bit of salt drift. I catch rain water for Sarracenia but it too may
be contaminated with salt. Flytraps do fine here, as do D. tracyi, capensis,
binata, burmanii, etc. but the Sarracenia are just not happy. Any

Also can year old Sarracenia seedlings be transplanted this late in the year
or would it be best to wait until spring.