Tue, 19 Sep 1995 10:20:04 +0200


I am a new suscriber to the carnivorous plants discussion group (well, not
so new, about a month ago ...). So I think I have to introduce myself.

My name is Stephane, I am from France and I live close to Geneva in
Haute Savoie (the county where the Mont Blanc is), nice place, specialy in
winter ...

I grew several orchids and obviously carnivorous plants like nepenthes alata,
droseras and pinguiculas. I just increased my CPs collection with two
sarracenias. So just two questions:

- Sarracenia Purpura : do I have to fill its pitchers with water ?
Because at the moment there is no liquid in them.

- Sarracenia psittacina : do I have to leave the plant under water
during all winter ?

My last question sounds weird, but I read this in a "supposed to be" good
book, but I am a bit suspicious about this information.

Thanks a lot, in advance, for people who will answer me,