Re: CP digest 480
Wed, 27 Sep 1995 20:12:06 -0400

>> So Bruce Salmon and Ricky Maulder are now publishing the new Neps
>>they discovered a few years ago when they went to Sumatra! When and where
>>was this published? I can't believe Bruce didn't tell me this! Did it
>>come out recently? Hey kiwis, send my congratulations to both!
>Christoph apparently could not remember, so I have found it out myself in
>the meanwhile. It appeared in the most recent issue of CPN. TNX for the
>tip, Andreas; it reached me after I have received photocopies from Joachim
>(TNX Joe!), however. (BTW: Schlechte Karten fuer "die Schwarze", oder?)

I thought I posted the citation... apparently not, apologies.

>However, _N.xiphioides_ seems to be conspecific with _N.gymnamphora_, I'm
>afraid. The mentioned/illustrated differences appear rather weak for
>specific segregation, especially if several populations of _N.gymnamphora_
>from Sumatra or even from the whole range of this species (which does reach
>S Borneo!) are compared.
>I am not really happy to see the recently trashed name N.pectinata
>succeeded by a new one like a cut off Hydra's head (BTW, if one considered
>the "pectinate" forms of _N.gymnamphora_ as distinct from the type,
>N.pectinata would have been the appropriate name for these, cf. also the
>lectotype of N.p.!). Seems like taxonomists are not satisfied with only two
>names for the two species _N.singalana_ and _N.gymnamphora_ (cf. etiam
>N.junghuhnii, N.diatas, N.rosulata...).

So, where does N. melamphora fit in? How is it different than N.