Re: New member introduction

Peter Cole (
Sat, 23 Sep 1995 23:53:18 GMT (Andy Freiberg) writes:

> I was especially interested in the posting from Steven Stensland
> about his sensitive plants.
> Unfortunately neither they nor the ones in the terrarium are producing
> seed. I'm sure I can keep them alive in the lab but I have no more seeds.
> Does anyone know of a cheap source of sensitive plant seeds, or a trick for
> seed production indoors? How about someone in the tropics where the plant
> grows wild?

Welcome to the group! You may like to know that Doug and Vivi Rowland
have Mimosa pudica seed at 30p (~50c) a packet (20 or so.) They're in
the UK, but they're happy to sell abroad. If you send them an
International Reply Coupon, I'm sure they'll be happy to send you a
They're at:

South West Seeds,
200 Spring Road,

Hope this helps, happy growing,