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Andy Freiberg (
Fri, 22 Sep 1995 17:21:26 -0400

Greetings from Hershey, Pennsylvania.

I have been in the group for a few months now but this is my first
posting. I have been attempting to grow CPs since I was a child over 30
years ago but never had great success until I began working in a lab with a
large south-facing window. I have converted several pretzel barrels
(pretzels are big in central Pennsylvania) to Terrariums and have some
healthy VFTs, Drosera and 2 varieties of pitchers. I had one Pinguicula
until it suddenly died several weeks ago. Next time I will try Bacillus
thuringiensis, thanks to Juerg Steiger.

I was especially interested in the posting from Steven Stensland
about his sensitive plants. I used to grow these in a terrarium as a child
and occasionally they would produce a few seeds. Years ago on a visit to
Colombia, South America I was able to pick many seeds from plants growing
in the wild. I recently came across my old seeds, but since they were over
20 years old I did not expect them to be viable. Rather than throw them
away, I planted them in a terrarium, and believe it or not the plants are
now thriving. I even transplanted some out to the garden and they have
been doing well, probably because of the hot humid summer we had. These
will certainly perish with our first killing frost any day now.
Unfortunately neither they nor the ones in the terrarium are producing
seed. I'm sure I can keep them alive in the lab but I have no more seeds.
Does anyone know of a cheap source of sensitive plant seeds, or a trick for
seed production indoors? How about someone in the tropics where the plant
grows wild?


Andy Freiberg