Sex and the Single Nepenthes

Liz Fox (
Fri, 22 Sep 95 13:28:53 PST

I am in possession of an outstanding specimen of N. maxima, highly
colored, big wings, spiky to the max...and getting ready to bloom.

I've looked at the sex part pictures in the cp books & it appears that
there's no way of knowing just whether you have a male or female plant
until the spathe is fully open...i.e., whether the plant has staminate or
pistilate flowers. Is this true or is there a way I can tittilate it into
some sort of sexual display? <I'm not sure I'm ready for the email on that
question, remember even tho' I'm from Oregon it doesn't mean I am related
to Bob Packwood, at least not that I know of>

Anyhow, the question behind the question - does someone out there have
another N. maxima who is ready to mate? THE NEPENTHES, I mean! I really
am digging a deep hole here....

How long can I wait before the plant looses interest?

Thanks in advance for your replies (I think)