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Mon, 18 Sep 95 08:41:26 CST

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>A friend of mine has an appreticeship at the Conservatory of ?Plants in S.F.
> She was working in with the tropicals when she accidentally backed into a
>Nepethes pitcher. Not only did it eat through her sock, but also started to
>eat through her skin. Her supe brought her some salve, but said when working
>with them (cuttings, transplantings, moving.) there is nothing to be done
>except to go home and take a long shower and keep plenty of cortisone on
>hand. Anyone else have such tales?
Sorry to play the skeptic, but do they use bleach or an acid in their
operations? I used to work in an abalone farm in Monterey, and it was next
to impossible to avoid buring holes in ones clothes from time to time with
the volume of HCl, Hydrogen peroxide and bleach that we used.
John Phillips