CP progress in greenhouse

Steven Klitzing (stevek@informix.com)
Tue, 5 Sep 1995 07:57:28 -0700

Hi all:

My CPs have done very well for my first year of greenhouse
gardening. I now have one plant, N. Anamensis, that has
pitchers 3 inches long. This is quite a difference from
the 1/2 inch pitchers it started with. N. Rafflesiana has
produced many small, squat, jagged pitchers with purple
blotches. And all are producing healthy, green leaves with
lush new growth. N. Mirabillis, N. Trichocarpa, and
N. Ventricosa are all doing well.

Two of the three pings I got survived and caught many tiny
bugs. And, I placed the Cephalotus plants in a domed tray,
and the heat and humidity within has helped them considerably,
as they are already showing signs of healthy new growth.
And my generic terrestrial utric is also doing very
well, increasing in size fourfold and putting out profuse
numbers of bunny flower blooms.

My D. Capensis plants are setting seed like crazy. Am I wrong
on this count, or are the seeds very tiny? What I see looks
like black dust. And some seeds have made it. The mother
plants have baby plants at their bases. D. Binata is also
doing well and setting seed. By the way, if anyone would like
some D. Capensis seed, I think I have a small amount available.

This weekend, I watered the CPs with superthrive for the first
time. There were no ill-effects and time will tell about the
positive growth effects of superthrive.

So, it looks like I've finally learned how to grow these types
of plants. I have wooden benches in the greenhouse, and all
the plant pots are sitting in sweater box bottoms that I bought
at Wal-Mart. These seem to make highly effective trays. Any water
they catch at the bottom gets turned into evaporative humidity by
the light and heat, which the Nepenthes really like. Now that I have
this system, there is no problem getting Nepenthes to grow and
set pitchers.

I am considering using a 65 percent shade cloth on the interior,
because light conditions are still a little too bright even with
the exterior shade cloth I'm using now. My few orchids took a
beating this summer from the higher light levels, and I'm wondering
if a drop in light levels with harm the CPs much, or perhaps even
help them develop into better plants. Many of you grow orchids and
CPs, so I'm interested in hearing your solutions, and if I am on
the right track.