re: New Member

Wed, 30 Aug 1995 15:09:04 SAST-2


This is the first time that I am writing to the CP newsgroup,
although I have been reading your letters for about two months now!

My name is Allister Eveleigh and I live in Cape Town, South Africa,
and I have been collecting CP for about a year now.

I'm actually writing this letter on behalf of a friend of mine who
does not have access to the Internet, but whom some of you may know.
His name is Eric Green and he has quite an extensive collection of
carnivorous plants, including an impressive collection of South
African sundews. He is interested in selling or trading plants/seeds
with other collectors from around the world. I not quite sure of
were his interests lie, but he collects all CP species.

So, if you are interested in writing to him I will be more that
happy to give you his address.

My e-mail address is:


PS Eric says HI to Fernando Rivadavia ("Where are the plants that you
owe me")