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Philip Wilson (
13 Aug 95 14:59:23 EDT

Hi. My name is Phil Wilson, I'm from Somerset in England.

I have been growing carnivorous plants for a little over five years now
and in that time I have put together a pretty large collection including
Sarracenias (around 130 different forms and a few hybrids), Pinguiculas,
Utricularia and Drosera etc. The only genus that I have not
concentrated on is Nepenthes since I cannot give them the right growing
conditions. My main problem of late is a lack of space which will only
be solved when get around to moving house.

This year I became the editor for the UK society's journal which is
taking up a fair amount of time at the moment,(all material gratefully
received). I anyone is still waiting for last year's journal it's been
abandoned in favour of a larger edition this year.

I like to exchange/buy/sell plants and seeds with people throughout the
world so if anyone is interested please E-Mail me direct. I am also
working on getting my collection details onto computer and once this is
done I will be able to more or less propagate plants to order.