Re: Re: Cephalotus seeds

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Fri, 25 Aug 95 16:50 EDT

> From: Clarke Brunt <clarke@BRUNT.DEMON.CO.UK>
> And yes - I have managed to collect a few from my own plant.
> I think you get 6 seeds per flower if it sets. Indeed it is
> tricky to avoid losing them. Any suggestions for better germination
> would be welcome, but I usually find that home-collected seed
> of anything germinates much better than anything commercial.

Probably because you have complete control over the conditions.

> Incidentally, my Cephalotus have been in full sun, and are very red,
> but I have noticed that the pitchers close in the heat of the day
> and open at night. Has anyone else noticed this?

Well I haven't seen that but with the lack of rain for the last month
or so the humidity has dropped alot. Pots that would stay wet for a
week are now drying out within three days. Twice now my tray of Ceph-
alotus have dried to the point were other day without water would kill
them. I moved them inside today and placed 'em in a tray with a lid to
keep in the moisture. Anyway, while they have been in way low humidity
and very nearly died of dehydration twice I never saw the lids close to
conserve water as Gordon Cheers describes his in book. Maybe this is
something only really big plants do? Mine are not that small but
compared to the photos in Cheers they seem tiny.

David Evans