Bog garden

Ben Levin (
Sun, 20 Aug 1995 13:41:03 -0400 (EDT)

I'm planning on putting together a small bog garden using Schnell's
method; 3-4 kiddy pools nestled into one another with a small drainage
hole drilled in the side. He suggests the use of sphagnum moss as a
media. I would imagine that this is better than any other media for at
least two reasons; since it's alive it won't decompose as quickly as peat
and it is a growing media, i.e. there will always be new live moss which
can be harvested for future use . The pools are about 7" deep. I am now
growing all my CP's in a 1:1 sand:peat moss mix.
Q. What is the most hassle-free media? Should I just stick with my
current media and possible top-dress with sphagnum? Also, I would like
to know what species people in the S.E. Pennsylvania region, and north,
grow outdoors (e.g. how tolerant are the various Sarracenia species?).
One more thing. This might sound crazy, but has anyone tried
growing Cephalotus outside in the above mentioned region (either
successfully or not)? |)

Thanx in advance.