Re: Cephalotus incident

Clarke Brunt (
Sun, 20 Aug 1995 16:49:59 +0100

On 16 Aug 95 at 15:28, Zachary B. Kaufman wrote:

> This morning, when I went out to check on my plants and water, I
> found one of my Cephalotus knocked down into the flowers below (4 foot
> fall.) The plant lay upside down and spilled from its pot. I carefully
> repotted it. Does anyone know if the fluid spilled out of the open pitcher
> will be replaced by the plant? Its completely empty now.

Last discussion on this seemed to agree that topping up the pitchers
again was a good idea to prevent them from drying up after emptying
for whatever reason (such as repotting).

> in need of a stray cat eating CP

I wondered why your Cephalotus kept diving off the shelves :-)

Clarke Brunt (