Web help - please

Wed, 16 Aug 1995 04:11:00 -0400


Help please from any of you Web experts/frequent users. Is
anyone out there able to get on the CP home page? Every time
I try it I get an application error which closes down
Netscape. This happens when I type in the address or if I
use the links from P+Ps home page or from Barrys home page
(Hi Barry love that hat!).

Web access from my site is quite a recent thing so our IS
boys are still getting used to the system. I dont know
whether the access problems are due to a problem at HP or
something to do with the Netscape/Windows set up . The error
I get is as follows:

Application Error
Netscape caused a general protection fault in module
Netscape.exe at 000A:5782

Thanks for any help any one can provide.