Interesting D. auriculata plants

John Taylor (
Sun, 13 Aug 1995 22:43:33 +1000

I've just been up to Mirboo North (in the Strzlecki Ranges, Victoria) and
the _Drosera auriculata_ plants are in bud (flowering is not likely to
begin for another couple of weeks). The interesting thing about these plants
is that emerging from almost every leaf node is a tiny "embryo shoot". The
local form of this plant does branch during flowering, but I as far as I can
remember, they only shoot from the top few (several?) nodes. The Mirboo North
plants had "shoots" from all but the lowest few (several?) nodes. All of the
"embryo shoots" were about the same size and didn't show any signs of
expanding into true "branches".

I'll be trying to keep an eye on them to see what happens - just in case
they form tuber "droppers" like _D.radicans_... (I might try pinching out
the tops of the main stem of a couple of them to see if the "embryo shoots"
grow on and form new flowers).


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