Re: possible mixture?

Carl Mazur (
Wed, 2 Aug 1995 21:23:29 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 2 Aug 1995, charles wrote:

> i just came across a small possibility.....for plants that is.
> i was looking on my porch and came across a bag of african violet soil
> mix, it contains, peat moss, perlite, and limestone,
> so what do you think? would it work for CP's?
> charles
The peat and perlite part sounds great, however, the limestone is
alkaline and is sure poison to most CP. The only CP that I know of that
grow naturally in Alkaline conditions are D. linearis, P. vulgaris and S.
purpurea. These are found growing in marl bogs in the great lakes region
of Canada and the USA in the state of Michigan and province of Ontario.

The alkaline soil seems to be a requirement for D. linearis, however, P.
vulgaris and S purpurea are found in acid soils most of the time.