Re: possible mixture?

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Wed, 02 Aug 95 20:25 EDT

> From: charles <charles@AMANDA.DORSAI.ORG>
> Subject: possible mixture?
> i just came across a small possibility.....for plants that is.
> i was looking on my porch and came across a bag of african violet soil
> mix, it contains, peat moss, perlite, and limestone,
> so what do you think? would it work for CP's?
> charles

Well, the limestone would be not all that good for alot of CP. It sounds
good for Mexican Pinguicula and if some bark (or orchid mix) were added
at 1:1 it would be good Nepenthes mix also. Nepenthes shouldn't
mind the lime that much or at all. Hey, Steve Baker showed me a
N.mirabilis he had rooted by pushing the cut end into a soda bottle
filled with water. It had a large number of roots some up 4 or 5
inches long. I'm going to put one in a bog next year to see what
happens to it, I won't leave it there over winter unless it gets scale
or the like.
A while back I had mentioned a N.rafflesiana that wasn't pitchering,
some had said that it wasn't hot enough for it. Well, it got warmer in
the terrarium with the advent of summer and the plant is now pitchering
like mad, even making tendrils with wings along the sides. Ron
Gagliardo had given me the plant in a lopsided trade in my favor, so I
wanted to say thanks again for the plant Ron. It's proven to be my
favorite Nepenthes! Back to the temp thing, I think it stoped pitcher-
ing because of dry air, to much fertilizer, and to much light; summer
came along just as it was getting over my poor treatment. We'll just
have to wait and see what happens to it this winter when the temp
drops once more.

Dave Evans