Re: Introduction/ Peat Questions

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Tue, 01 Aug 95 21:03 EDT

> From: Kathleen M. Heldreth - Biologist
> My name is Kathleen Heldreth. I am a confessed plant addict. I
> have a BS in plant science from U of Delaware, and I am currently
> working on
> Adrian Slack wrote "The only peat suitable is granulated moss
> peat...Other types of peat are not suitable, especially sedge peat..."
> I have never heard anyone say MOSS PEAT, (does that have any
> significance, i.e., from spaghnum moss rather than sedge?). I've
> never heard of GRANULATED peat either. Does this mean long fibre, or
> what? The local nurserymen are as stumped as I am over what Adrian
> Slack meant.

Perhaps Adrian didn't even know. I have used several different brands
of peat moss (not Hyponex) all of which were fine for outdoors use.
When I grow bog CP inside I use the stuff which comes in those smaller
clear plastic bags so I can see what I buying. This peat moss has been
sterilized, read the label to check. It should be decomposed Sphagnum
moss a brown powery stuff and nothing else, well you might see a couple
twigs and similar stuff in the 2 or 4 cubic foot size packages.

> I remember reading some threads on this list long ago that indicated
> "don't use HYPONEX brand peat moss", but I can't recall why. Was this an
> alkaline material or had some additives that were harmful to CP's?

Hyponex peat moss is... uh.. hmm... well it just ain't peat moss.

> I'd love to talk to some local CPer's, i.e. Delmarva penninsula
> area, about cultivation, sources, societies, etc. I'd also like to
> say 'HI' to Tom H! (you haven't heard the last of me yet.)

If you mean Tom Hayes, he isn't on the list anymore. He still has
e-mail (on a limited basis) at I forwarded
your letter to him.

Dave Evans