cp's in the desert

Rhonda Wilson (76031.710@compuserve.com)
28 Jul 95 13:19:28 EDT


>I live in Phoenix and may be able to provide a *little* advice........
honestly cannot beleive that cp's can >endure the desert climate
unprotected (kept outdoors) for exactly the opposite reason that they
can't be kept
>unprotected in the far Northeast...... By the way, what part of AZ do
>you live
in? If you are in the cooler (higher >elevations) areas you may do much

I need all the advice I can get. I am in Mesa so it's just as hot as can be. I
was planing on useing a cover. I'm not sure what the stuff is called but it's
just a heavy fabric shading. You can buy it from a roll at garden shops and
hardware stores. Even most pond plants couldn't take the full sun here. Do you
think this would help? I would also like to grow some in a hydroponic like
situation in the greenhouse. Do you think they would do well like this?

>An evaporitive cooler would not raise humidity to the point that a
infection would set in. I'm not sure >about what else you might be
worried about regarding high humidity.

Evaporative coolers loose efficiancy as the humidity goes up so I was
worried that in an already humid green house they wouldn't cool the air
enough to make a difference.


>So you live in Arizona and are asking about setting up an outdoor bog?
>My first
question is do you live in the >desert, rim country, or mountains? A
great deal depends on that, as John Walker noted.

I live in the sweltering desert heat (but it's a dry heat <g> and only
118 yesterday). I'm planning on setting up a shaded pond with a bog. I
was planning on useing a standard pond liner.

Thank you both for any information you can give me.

Rhonda Wilson
Domestic Engineer<g>
Part-time Biology Student
Mesa, Arizona