Brett Lymn (
Fri, 28 Jul 1995 16:14:01 +0930 (CST)

"Captain, we are entering a region of high tangent probability..."
"Proceed with caution Mr. Data...." :-)

According to Peter Cole:
> !?! I always thought they slowed down as they approached
> absolute zero... though I hope Finland isn't *that* cold :)

True the electons do slow down when they are cooler but this makes
them conduct the current better because resistance is caused by the
electrons banging into things when they are force to move. Mind you,
the electrons do not move very fast in the first place they just drift
along and in the opposite direction to that which you would first
expect - they drift towards the positive terminal of the EMF source
whereas, by convention, current flows from postive to negative...

"Sir, we have just cleared the tangent zone"

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