Andrew Flostrand (
Mon, 16 Oct 1995 13:06:51 -0700


I know this thread has been discussed already, and the general result was
that with us all being from so many different time zones a practical
standard time to drop in was not to be found.

What I have taken to doing however is popping into an IRC host whenever the
mood strikes me, scanning for an existing channel called #flytrap, (though
I've yet to see one already there) and when it is not there, creating one
with the topic "Carnivorous plant collectors and the curious". I then let
it run in the background of my machine and watch for anyone to pop in.
Though I haven't had any ICPS members visit yet, I have chatted with
several people who either live in CP areas and are familiar with their
local plants and curious about the rest of the field, and others who are
amazed to learn that there are other plants besides the VFT with these

I thought if I posted a note here encouragaing others of you to do the
same, that the chances of bumping into one another would increase. (even
if we don't have any sort of standard time)

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