Peter Cole (
Mon, 24 Jul 1995 23:24:21 GMT

Dhalsim/Raiden writes:

> I am going to post the telnet site for IRC.
> Here it is: 6677

another site that works is - it's an open site,
(to the best of my knowledge,) so you don't have to be a demon
subscriber to use it (though it might be a bit laggy from the US.)
As far as I know, no limit on the number of users (it can certainly
handle over a hundred.)

> I was thinking about "meeting" on a monday or tuesday, but timing is
> a problem since everyone is on a different time peiod and
> work/school schedule so maybe we should have 2 or 3 time periods
> like 5pm pacific time and 12am pacific time.

Let's just do it - I'm sure convenient meeting times will evolve
according to how people feel. If other channels are anything
to go by we'll probably end up with 'split-shifts' to some extent -
people on opposite sides of the planet are unlikely to find many
mutually convenient times - but hey, that's timezones for you...

I've got a large ftp session lined up for tomorrow night, so I
may as well open a channel while I'm online if anyone wants to
drop in - I'll be on #flytrap for an hour or two from about
00:00 BST (that's 23:00 GMT on July 25th,) - I'm hopeless with
timezone conversions, so you'll just have to figure local times
out for yourself...

If you get there before me, stick the kettle on :)

If anyone would like an IRC tutorial file, I've got quite a good
one - drop me a line and I'll Email it to you.

Happy growing,


...and then there's always Iphone and CUseeme...