Watering CP

Joy Tang (jtang@HK.Super.NET)
Mon, 24 Jul 1995 22:49:35 +0800

I have been reading so many letters about watering CP plants with great

A lot of discussions have been made to use distilled water or RO water.
I guess there may be quite a lot of people who may not have access to
either type.

Now, the salt buildup comes from the evaporation of the water leaving the
salts behind. If more water is added, those water in turn will evaporate
leaving their share of salts behind thus requiring replacement of pure water
via distilled/RO water.

However, if the CP plant pots are kept in shallow container of water,
ordinary tap water can still be used (after letting them settle a while to
get rid of the chlorine).

HOWEVER, the tap water MUST NOT be used to top up the evaporation losses.
The standing water in the CP plant pots must be removed and replaced with
fresh water instead. This way, no additional salts
will be build up. An extra bonus is that any earlier salts will be leached
away by the periodic change of water.

I am a new enthusiast in keeping CPs. My plants seem to be doing well so
far (touch wood).

KC and Joy Chan