Steven Klitzing (
Thu, 20 Jul 1995 10:11:14 -0700


I'm really getting back into this hobby now. I just planted 3 VFT bulbs in
pots and already they're sending out new green growth. A delight for
someone who hasn't grown any since 1981. By the way, Peter Paul's
sent me a D. Rotundifolia that was mislabeled as D. Capillaris. But that's
okay. I ordered D. Capillaris because they were out of D. Rotundifolia!
Strange world! I think I'll try Allen Lowrie's next.

I don't think I'll be growing any Darlingtonia, though. Although our
climate in the S.F. Bay Area is great for Darlingtonia, my wife has
put the nix on it. I was planning to build a pond, and put Darlingtonia
on the edge of it (sprouted from seeds), and she said "Ugh! Those things
are ugly. Could you plant some flowers instead?" Hmm. As long as the
CPs stay in the greenhouse, I guess I'm okay. But then again...there is the
side yard...hmm.