Richard Marsden (
Thu, 20 Jul 1995 09:34:52 -0700 (PDT)


Sounds quite a good idea. I never really knew how to over-winter my VFT,
which is why it was looking sickly when I last saw it. It did have some
new leaf buds though, and I heard that it was putting leaves out fine.

Then there was this little incident with the lack of watering (when my
parents returned, there were other more serious things which happened, so
when I talk to my parents I have to have things in perspective!). Do you
think the fridge trick will work with it? Or just "plenty of water"?
Guess it might have entered hibernation due to lack of water?

The plant was actually mature when I bought it. I was always after one,
and happened to see one in a florists in Cambridge, whilst waiting at the
cinema. Returned in the morning, and bought one (about L3 I think). It
flowered a number of times - this is how I know it was mature. I've since
heard stories about places often selling young immature plants which then
die after a couple of months. Guess I was lucky. The VFT was potted on, a
few months after I bought it (from the advice of a book from the library).