Re: CP Digest 409 -reply

Wayne Forrester (forrestr@mendel.Berkeley.EDU)
Tue, 18 Jul 1995 08:27:09 -0700 (PDT)

HI and Welcome,
Sorry I didn't get your name from your posting. I don't think
anyone here objects to novice cp'ers participating in this group. I
consider myself somewhat of a novice even though I've been growing a
variety of CP for many years. I am still restricted to growing them under
fluorescent lights or on the windowsill. Sorry I can't help you much with
your climate related question. I live in the opposite extreme from
Phoenix. Here in San Francisco it's usually quite cool (upper 60's to
around 70 in the summer) and very humid with all that fog. I have grown a
number of cp, including Nepenthes, Dionea and various sundews and
bladderworts in terrariums under lights and they all have done quite
well, for the most part. I think the main problem is giving them enough
light without cooking the plants. I find that straight fluorescent lights
are a bit dim for many of the cp, and have gottne better results when
they were supplemented by providing light from a north window. Just make
sure you don't get any direct sun in the terrarium. Even without
supplemental daylight the plants have done resonably well. If they are
growing well in your terrarium, then your conditions must be fine.
Another possibility is the use of hi intensity lamps which many have had
success growing even very high light plants under. I haven't tried these
myself, mainly because they're expensive. Good luck.
Wayne Forrester