N. alata - will it ever root?...

Peter Cole (carnivor@bunyip.demon.co.uk)
Mon, 17 Jul 1995 21:08:05 GMT

My Nepenthes alata cutting has formed its first pitcher (approx 2"
high,) which is excellent news of course. But I am a little concerned,
because it hasn't formed any roots yet at all (I know this because I'm
afraid I washed it out of its pot last week with some over-vigorous
watering - no apparent harm though.)
It's potted in pure vermiculite, growing under artificial lights
in extremely humid conditions (Wardian case vented and misted twice a
week,) and seems to be thriving - it had 3 leaves originally which I
cut the tips off, but now has 11. Internodal distance has reduced
from approx 2" on the parent plant (not mine,) to 1/4" - 1/2", and the
whole plant is greener and glossier than the parent plant - a picture
of health really. Another 2 pitchers are beginning to form on the most
recent leaves.
I sort of expected it to root by now - I used a powder rooting
hormone back in March when I potted it up, but nothing seems to have
happened. Anyone know if this is an abnormal length of time to be
waiting? Should I decrease humidity? lighting? try more rooting
hormone? Or is it destined to continue as a rootless vermicuphyte?:-)

Happy growing,