Leendert Hamoen (L.W.Hamoen@biol.RUG.NL)
Tue, 18 Jul 1995 13:55:44 MET+02

Hello everyone,
My name is Menno Sasker and I'll join this list for a short while as
long as I have E-mail. I have already learned a lot from reading the
advise that people mail.
My collection consists of a bit of everything but mainly Pinguicula's.

A question to you all:
I am taking care of a part of the collection of a friend as well. A
(larger) S.American Genlisea is flowering now but the flowers are not
opening yet. The plant is growing in an aquarium but the flowerstalks
are growing in the open air. Since they have not opened, I would like
to ask whether they need the humidity to fully develop. Is it
possible to generate seed with only one plant with these species ??.

Thanks in advance,

Menno Sasker

Leendert Hamoen
Department of Genetics
University of Groningen
Kerklaan 30
9751 NN Haren
The Netherlands
Tel. 050 632202