Alastair Robinson (
16 Jul 95 20:03:16 EDT

Mike, I do not actually know of any restrictions on seed trade where
concerned with commercial sources. Collection of seed from wild sources
is, I believe, permissable to an extent under CITES regulstions, but I
cannot provide further details in that field. Perhaps someone else
would know; Jan/Barry?
There is a book, ' Plant tissue culture, Techniques and
experiments.' by
Roberta H. Smith ( ISBN 0-12-650340-0 Academic Press Inc.) that is
aimed at people who know all their stuff about tissue culture as well as
those who do not. There is even instruction ( and the 'recipe') for
culturing 'Pitcher Plants'. It does not specify what type, but I feel
that it almost definitely refers to Sarraceniaceae.
You will probably be able to find it at ' Foyle's' of Charring
Cross Rd.,
London, which is the biggest book store in the country and so supplies
even the most obscure of books. Hope this helps.
Best wishes, Alastair Robinson.