Re: N. edwardsiana and Introduction

14 Jul 95 16:08:00 +1700

Hi Alastair,

You wanted to know if you would see N. edwardsiana on the Mt. Kinabalu
summit trail.

I visited Borneo this May. Our guide showed us a Nepenthes that he
claimed was N. edwardsiana, but after reading Perry's response, I'm not
quite sure that it was. I've got slides of several villosa-like pitchers,
some of which seem longer than the others. But I'm not sure if this
is just a natural variation in the villosa population or if I'm looking
at both villosas and edwardsianas.

As far as the 'flower beds'/rockeries go, I think you a probably referring
to the Mountain Garden, a small--but very nice--arboretum dedicated to
Mt. Kinabalu species, including some Nepenthes.

If you hike the summit trail as a day trip, take a light jacket (it can
get cool). A walking stick might also be very helpful, since the trail
can be rugged, criss-crossed with roots and very steep in places. Be
prepared for a strenuous climb. The good news for a botany-freak is that
there are so many orchids, ferns, Nepenthes, etc. that you'll have plenty
of excuses for stopping and resting along the way. (It took me the
better part of a day to make it to 9000 ft from the 6000-foot trailhead.
There is actually a person who ran to the 13,000-foot summit and back
in 2 hours and 44 minutes, a feat I cannot even begin to comprehend.)

If you make it down to Kuching in Sarawak, plan to go to Bako park.
You'll see N. albamariginata (sp?), N. ampullaria, N. gracilis, and
N. rafflesiana. You'll also see sundews and bladderworts, not to mention
orchids. Take plenty of water, sunglasses, and a hat, and prepare to

By the way, this reply is also serves as my introduction to the group--
I just subscribed last week. I'm actually an orchid grower, with an
as-yet-unrealized interest in CPs (if you don't count a Drosera capensis
I grew for a couple of years).