Re: Cephalotus

John Rising (
Sat, 15 Jul 1995 22:30:25 -0700

>> Is Cephalotus capable of self-pollinating, or does one need to help
>> out with a small brush or something?
>I don't know. I only have one plant, but anyway I'm using a small roll
>of tissue paper to attempt self pollination. There is certainly pollen
>present, and stigma lobes to attempt to deposit it on.
>-- Clarke Brunt (

Even my cephalotus is producing a bud right now! If you remember, several
months ago I accidentally gave all my cp's 24 hours of 400 watt metal halide
light. Right now, not only is my cephalotus about to flower, but it also has
produce the two largest traps I've ever seen on it. It is currently
receiving fifteen hours of the same light. The humidity is 55-60% during the
day and around 70% at night.