Alastair Robinson (100611.1627@compuserve.com)
13 Jul 95 14:13:44 EDT

I am off back home to Malaysia for the holidays and am taking this
opportunity to fly across to Sabah to see Nepenthes and other such
plants. When I visit Kinabalu, I understand that I can hire a guide to
actually show me the plants. Does anyone know if N.edwardsiana ( or the
elongated form of N.villosa as some seem to see it! Which is it?) will
be seen as part of this tour? The pictures I have seen in Nature
Malaysiana of the species were very beautiful. Will I be able to see
N.burbidgeae on tour? Is it true that some of the 'flower
beds'/rockeries conatin Nepenthes? If so, which species. It would also
be nice to know what gear I should have handy if anyone who has been can
tell me.
Lastly, I have heard rumours that N.stenophylla occurs in
localities in the Malaysian peninsular. Not necessarily asking for
location details in light of recent comments ( though I assure you that
I am in it forthe photographs and experience.), is this true?
Thank you very much, Alastair Robinson.
P.S. Please answer, if you do, under 'Re:N.edwardsiana" so that I know
what to look for. I am leaving on the seventeenth, this month so only
answers before then will be helpful. Thanks again.