Re: Observations about N. khasiana

michael reeter (
Wed, 12 Jul 95 17:14 PDT

> I only recently joined this group, so I didn't see your original
>post. I grew several plants of N. khasiana over a period of several years
>in a terrarium, which was quite warm (usually 80's) and moist. My main
>problem was in keeping them from outgrowing the terrarium. I found them
>to be fairly easy to propogate from cutting. I cut fairly mature stems
>from the plant, cut these into sections with one leaf, and the node at
>the base of the leaf from which the new growth would emerge, and then cut
>off half the leaf (I did this because it's what the books said to do. I
>assume it was to cut down on moisture loss from the cutting, but I have
>no idea if it's really necessary). The cutting were then inserted into
>live sphagnum (I never tried using a rooting hormone so it's not
>essential although it might help) in the terrarium. The terrarium was
>under fairly bright fluorescent lights, and was sealed to keep the
>humidity up. Usually about 30-50% of the cuttings would take. Hope this
>helps. Good luck.
>Wayne Forrester
Do you still have any of those plants?

Michael Reeter
San Diego, CA