Observations about N. khasiana

Wed, 12 Jul 1995 13:34:09 -0600

Hello everyone!

A couple of months back, I posted a question regarding the cultivation of
Nepenthes khasiana, a highland species, in a stovehouse environment. I
had heard that it would grow well there, and was curious to see if this
is true. Although no one verified this for me, I elected to try it anyway
and thought that I would let you all know the results thus far.

To date, the plant has grown prodigiously (about half a foot) in six weeks.
It seems to be very tolerant of high temps, even at night. Night temps
in my growing area go no lower than 78 degrees, and in the day range as
high as 90 degrees, with humidity about 95%. Lately, however, it has been
very hot here (about 100 degrees) and I have noted that pitcher formation has
slowed. Other than this, no ill effects have been observed.

In fact, the plant has grown so well I have begun to consider taking a
cutting. I have heard that this species is notoriously difficult to
root, however, so I was wondering what luck any of you have had rooting
this species, and what techniques you've used. Any advice you have
would be appreciated.

Thanks, and good growing.

Jeff Shafer