Re: Dave Purks (me!)

David K. Purks (telenet!leviathan!
Mon, 10 Jul 1995 12:19:41 -0400 (EDT)

> Hey Dave:
> What is your current working internet address?

Since this keeps coming up, I'll reply to the group as a whole (my
apologies to everyone that's not interested or that have been able
to send mail to me without problems).

uunet!!dkpurks or works...please try
not to send mail to addresses which contain workstation names like
unicorn, abyss, or leviathan. That's where my mail will come from,
but it's been changing day to day. The mailer at will
find me as long as you send mail as addressed above.




David K. Purks Phone:(703) 689-5729 Sys Admin, Development Systems FAX: (703) 689-7077 Alcatel Data Networks, M/S B0218 Inet: uunet!!dkpurks 12502 Sunrise Valley Drive X400: c=us; a=telemail; Reston, VA 22096, USA p=alcateldn; s=d.purks