D.capensis Dio

Nexus User elliott (elliott@nexus.edu.au)
Wed, 5 Jul 1995 10:49:22 +0930


All my D.capensis seem to self pollinate, including the
Pink, Red, and white forms. During the CP active growing
period, which is September through to about early June over
here in Australia, I seem to be forever removing seedlings
from my other CP's pots!


Sorry I haven't been too active on this list of late, I've
had a few problems down at my end. Next fortnight I won't
have access to my terminal, so if anyone wants too contact
me, there may be a wait for a reply!

All my tuberous Drosera are up, and are looking better than
they ever have before, probably because they are now in my
greenhouse, while all the dormant CP's are outside where the
cold nights can get to them.

By For Now,

Russell elliott