Re: Nepenthes/tissue culture

Heiko Rischer (
Tue, 4 Jul 1995 15:21:38 +0200 (MESZ)

On Mon, 3 Jul 1995, Bill Graves wrote:

> Help,
> I met a guy who dose tissue culture and he is sending me some
> Nepenthes that he did in tissue culture.
> I no little about tissue culture but I am willing to learn if you have
> the information.
> I was told to dip it in rooting hormone and then in something called
> wilt off and stick it in some rock wool.
> If you have any idea's please tell me.
> Bryan Rezendez
If I get you right, you want to get some TC grown Nepenthes out of the
flasks to grow them the _normal_ way?!
If so, nothing easier than that:
-open the flasks and put out the plants
-rinse the plants with tap water to remove the medium
-treat the plants like cuttings i. e. put them in live Sphagnum and
provide a high air humidity (rooting hormon is not needed)
-later on you should repot the rooted plants in normal substrate
Hope this helps