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Oliver T Massey CFS (
Tue, 27 Jun 1995 14:59:45 -0400

> I've been looking at an RO unit, but the best I've seen locally was $169
> but it only produced 3.5 gallons/24 hrs! If your wasn't a typo, let me
> know where to get one!
> -BJ
>The price on your RO system is getting into my budget range.
>Can I ask you for a name/address, at your convenience of course!
>Any pointers on installing the system or amouny of waste water >generated?

My source was:

Nature's Way
4411 Bee Ridge Road, Suite 195
Sarrasota, Florida 34233 USA

They carry several RO units, from 30 gpd to 11,400 gpd (no typo). The model I
got (model bp-30) was $119.00 and included a micron pre-filter, carbon pre and
post filters, and the RO element. Filters (not the RO) are sealed,
replacements run about $10.00. A different unit with replaceable cartridges
(at about half the price) costs $170.00.

It seems to me you get about 60% or maybe more waste water, which is
about enough to water the nearest bush. It comes with a standard hose
coupling, they have other fittings, etc.

Another source:

Back to Nature Filtration 3837 Cedarbend Drive/Box "O" Glendale, CA

Has a micron pre-filter and costs $110 for 10 gpd, $139 for 16 gpd.
Don't know why there is such a price differential, that's why I went
with the Fl. folks.

Tom in Fl

PS. Jeff, glad to hear the cutting is doing well.