Fri, 18 Aug 1995 08:29:00 -0400


Re Too hot for Pings? - Bob I doubt that 90 degrees F caused
the demise of your P.moranensis - its been up to these
temperature too in the UK and my plants are fine. They are
none too happy about strong sunlight though.

Re U.reniformis large form - Cliff your plant seems to be
growing the reverse to mine! I keep mine in my conservatory
where it currently gets well into the 30's degree C ( 90 -
100F ) and it is growing no problem. During winter the
temperature is arround 10 degrees C (? degree F) though can
on occaisions get slightly cooler. All leaves are lost by
mid winter, and it is the flower spikes that make the first
appearance in spring followed by the new leaves. It has been
surgested to me that the plant needs a cool winter to
initiate flowering, though it also seems to resent being
repotted or other wise disturbed.

Mites living on Pings - Does anyone know if mites ( like
those reported on some of the European species ) also live
on Mexican species? Still on the subject of Mites, Adrian
Slack wrote about Tarsonomid (spelling?) mites as a plant
pest of Pinguicula. Does anyone out there have any
experience of these, as the way Slack wrote about them, they
sounded like they were the plant equivilent of The Black
Death. I am interested because I have never heard of anyone
having a problem with these.