Re: A Little About Myself

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Mon, 26 Jun 95 18:04 EDT

> From: Avielkin@AOL.COM
> I am 17 years old, and I've been growing CPs, with my father's help, for a
> little over 7 years now. My collection consists of 63 species (very few
> hybrids or cultivars), mainly drosera, pinguicula, all of the sarracenia, and
> several nepenthes.
> I've never heard from anyone within 1000 miles of
> New Jersey who shares my hobby. I'd be interested in obtaining the rarer
> species of drosera and pinguicula and perhaps some nepenthes. I hope to hear
> from at least one local CPer in the near future! Happy growing to you all.
> --A.
> Elkin

Hello and welcome to the list,

I didn't get your first name from the posting (I'm assuming Elkin is
your last). I live about half way between Elizabeth and the Plainfields.
Hows that for close. What part of Jersey are you in? I too wish more
CP'ers are closer by... I can't really help you with the Drosera but
I do have some nice Nepethes.

Dave Evans