Re: Peter Paul Nurseries Comments

Dio Lazo (
Sat, 24 Jun 1995 01:21:37 -0700 (PDT)

I just bought their book CP Plants of the World and it is interesting.
It's hard to belive that they own a nursery which is run so shoddy.
Whenever I phoned, no one ever said Peter Paul Nursery. They just
said "Hello..." I am serious!!! I don't know who the hell Peter or
Paul is, but they had better get some good people with communicative
skills otherwise no one will order from them.
As far as shipping things in the mail, I don't understand why they
don't ship them in pots with lids like the VFT instead of
just sending the bulb or Rhizome!

Anyway, somone recommended a mail order company called
California Carnivores to me over this server.
This is the info:
phone: (707) 838-1630

Calif. Carnivores 7020 Trenton-Healdsburg Road Forestville, Ca 95436

Send $2.00 for a 28 page catalog

I called them and the people seemed nice and knowledgeable.
I am going to check out other sources as well becaUse it sems like
some of the CP growers on this server also do mail order!