Peter Paul Nurseries Comments

Rook, Victor (
Fri, 23 Jun 95 13:57:00 PDT

>Peter and Paul's nursries employees do not sound all
>that interested in selling CP's or working in general, so I
>can pretty much guess how their plants will be like.

In regards to Peter Paul nurseries in NY, I understand and agree with the
comment above. Plus, they send very immature plants, and mash them into the
spaghnum moss so that you have sundews and butterworts all covered with it.
A friend of mine ordered a Nepenthes and after 5 weeks it arrived, very
underdeveloped leaves, and it doesn't look well at all. We both purchased a
Nepenthes alta from a local nursery for 1/2 the price, each with about ten
3"-5" pitchers, very nice.

Peter Paul's nurseries is on the Internet and they have a comments feedback
section by mailing to I mailed a comment regarding the
Nepenthes, but never heard back. Perhaps if enough people complained or
commented, they will feed those deadhead employees that answer the phone
"Hello :-(" instead of "Peter Paul's Nurseries :-)" to some of their plants,
and get people who really care about CP's. Mailing stress on such immature
plants puts them at risk to first time growers.

It's a shame, because the owners wrote a very nice book. If anything, I
would suggest finding local growers, or sometimes the local greenhouse will
sell CP's that say they were reproduced by tissue culture, that are often in
very good condition. The key to buying the CP's in the plastic cups is to
get them (rescue them) out of the stores before they kill them from
negligence, like within one week of them receiving them.