pygmy drosera question

Scott Portman (
Mon, 12 Jun 1995 21:21:14 -0500

A cultural question for more experienced growers:

I've got a pot of D. leucoblasta and D. ericksonae growing together, but
the plants appear to be out of synch. The D. ericksonae were started from
seed this spring, and are now in full growth. The D. leuconeura seem to be
going dormant - no new leaves, but the center of the plants are firm and
healthy. My question: did I screw up by growing these two species
together? I've heard that D. leuconeura appreciates slightly drier
conditions in summer, but I hesitate to do this now that the D. ericksonae
are really growing well. Should I: (1) continue to grow both wet and hope
for the best, or: (2) remove and repot the D. ericksonae, or (3) remove and
repot the D. leucoblasta?

Thanks for any advice.