Re: Slack's Book - How good is it?

Michael Zenner (
Mon, 12 Jun 95 17:35 PDT

>Hi everybody,
>I am in need of a book review. I have seen Slack's book mentioned
>several times over the last year since I joined the list and have
>just located a source for a copy; however, the price is a bit steep;
>$160 US for a first edition copy in fine condition. Could someone
>tell me the original publication prices? I'd like to know how much
>of a premium I'd be paying for a _collector's item_. The second
>question is - is it worth the price? I've never seen the book, so
>I would appreciate some details about the contents, quality and
>accuracy of the book.
There are three books which are, IMHO, head and shoulders above the
rest. Two of them are Slack's books (_Carnivorous Plants_ and _Insect
-Eating Plants and How to Grow Them_), and the other is Gordon Cheers' book
(_Carnivorous Plants of the World_). Slack's first book is an excellent
overview of the differnt genera of CP, as well as good descriptions of most
species. If there is a weakness to this one, it is a lack of deep
discussion of cultivation and propogation methods. Otherwise, it makes a
wonderful reference. The second book makes up for this by concentratin
almost exclusively on cultivation and propogation. The two in combination
are even better. Cheers' book does a great job of discussing some of the
more general aspects of CP culture and cultivation, and has some of the most
beautiful photographs of CP's that I have ever seen.
There shouldn't be a need to shell out the kind of money you were
talking about for either of these books. Even though they are both out of
print in this country, there are several more recent editions that could be
had for considerably less (I have a 1988 edition of _Carnivorous Plants_
that I got at a local bookstore last year for $24.00). Used bookstores have
the ability to run an out-of-print (OP) search. If you have a reasonably
large-sized new/used bookstore near you, you should be able to have this done.
Hope this helps.

-Michael Zenner
Portland, OR

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